Ancor Marine Grade Primary Wire 18AWG-2/0AWG (25ft-1000ft)


Manufactured from tinned copper stranding for maximum protection against corrosion and electrolysis. Ultra flexible (Type 3) stranding resists fatigue due to vibration and flexing.

Available in multiple lengths and AWG.

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Wire flexibility is influenced by two major factors: wire strand size and jacket hardness. Wire strand size has the largest impact on overall wire flexibility. As individual wire strand size decreases, wire flexibility increases.

For boat cable, UL 1426 requires at least 19 individual strands for cables 16 AWG and larger. Ancor wire uses type 3 stranding which consists of individual 30 AWG (0.010″) strands, regardless of the wire gauge. Ancor’s 16 AWG wire consists of 26 individual strands, while the 4/0 AWG wire consists of 2,109 individual strands.

Jacket hardness is most commonly measured by durometer, with lower measurements reflecting a more flexible material. Ancor wire measures 7 points lower than competitive product (on a scale of 1-100), resulting in a more flexible product.



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