BougeRV 9BB 100 Watts Mono Solar Panel (Monocrystalline)

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The BougeRV 100W solar panel is perfect to get a started in solar. Use it for your RV/Van/Truck/Trailer. The monocrystalline panel provides you with the most efficiency per space.

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  • 1-on-1 Solar Solution by BougeRV Tech Support & Warm Warranty. BougeRV promises a 25-years warranty and lifetime service. Please contact us whenever you have any problem with BougeRV solar panel. We will provide you a professional guide to building a solar system.
  • High-level 9BB Cell Design has a 21.9% Highest Conversion Rate. Makes the solar panel have a longer service life. Increase the cell receiving surface, thinner ribbon reduces the covered area by 22%.can charge 12V battery or charge 24/48V battery by wiring several solar panels in series.
  • Half-cut Cells Technology. BougeRV 100W solar panel use half-cut cells technology increases performance efficiency. Compared with the Standard module, the current is reduced by half, the resistance loss is reduced, so the heat is reduced. Besides the conversation performance is more stable and the service life is longer. Less shadow occlusion, more working area.
  • Suitable for multiple scenarios. Compatible with on-grid and off-grid inverters, the BougeRV 100W solar panel is suitable for powering the house or for outdoor use. Corrosion-resistant aluminum material can withstand the changing outdoor environment and prolong its service life. It is easy to use and mount (pre-drilled holes on the back of the panel), sophisticated to use with your RVs, boats, and other outdoor equipment.
  • Durable & User Friendly. The sturdy panel can withstand high wind (2400 Pa) and snow loads (5400 Pa) and have excellent performance in low-light environments. IP67 Rated Waterproof Junction Box can isolate environmental particles and low-pressure water jets. Diodes are pre-installed in the junction box, with a pair of pre-attached 3ft Cable. Pre-drilled holes on the back of the panel allow you to quickly install solar panels without using heavy tools.

What could BougeRV 9BB Mono Half-cell 100W solar panel do for you?

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the average U.S. residential customer uses approximately 909 kWh per month of energy. A 9BB cell 100-watt solar panel can output about 200kWh of electricity a year. In this respect, he will reduce your energy costs.


Half-cut Cells Technology

BougeRV 180 Watts Mono Solar Panel, 12 Volts Monocrystalline for RV Marine Boat Off Grid

BougeRV 9BB mono solar panel use half current cells technology, which is the lower temperature during use than the standard module. Half-cut cell technology will help the 9BB PV module to reduce the intensity of the electrify between each cell, which will increase the efficiency and output of the PV module. Lower risk of micro cracks, better resistance to Hot Spot, and LID effect.

Key Features

BougeRV 180 Watts Mono Solar Panel,for RV Marine Boat Off Grid

BougeRV 180 Watts Mono Solar Panel for RV Marine Boat Off Grid

solar panel


It can withstand high wind (2400 Pa) and snow loads (5400 Pa), suitable for cold and complex outdoor environments.

95% Light Transmittance

95% light transmittance allows more sunlight to enter, reducing consumption.

Universal In Multiple Scenarios

With corrosion-resistant aluminum and waterproof panel, the solar panels can work efficiently in a complex environment where the sun shines and the rain falls.

Specific Parameters

Maximum Power (Pmax) 100±3% W
Open circuit voltage Voc(V) 21.4±3% V
Max.power voltage Vmp(V) 18.15±3% V
Max.power current Imp(A) 5.51±3% A
Short circuit current Isc(A) 6.11±3%
Solar cells Efficiency 21.9%
Cable/Cable connector 12AWG 3FT connectors
Product diameter(IN) 39.17 x 21.26 x 1.38 inches
Item Weight (Not Package) 6kg / 13.2lb
Max.static load, front 2400pa
Max.static load, back 2400pa
Series fuse rating 10A
Operating temperature limits -40℉~~ +185℉
Application Class Class A
BougeRV 100 Watts Mono Solar Panel,for RV Marine Boat Off Grid




Q1: What does 1-on-1 solar solution mean? What can I get as a customer?

A1: Every project is unique, BougeRV provides each customer a 1-on-1 solar solution and customized technical services by professional tech support. We will quickly respond to your question in 24 hours and help you to select the appropriate solar kit to build the solar system with the step-by-step guide.

Q2: What is the advantage of 9 bus bars VS 5 bus bars?

  • 9BB solar cells have less internal resistance loss than 5BB solar cells.
  • 9BB can reduce the impact of solar panel Micro-cracks.
  • The busbar of the 9BB solar panel is thinner, the light-receiving area is larger, and 9BB can get more power.

Q3: Why choose the Class A+ cell? What’s the difference between Class A+ cell and Class B & Class C cell?

A3: All of the BougeRV solar panels were made of the Class A+ cell. It’s able to achieve high-level performance, which is beyond the reach of most solar panels in the market.

Class A+ cell: No visible defects pass the strict EL test without any microcracks.

Class B & Class C cell: it has visible defects, and will have microcracks after the strict EL test. Also, it will have corner breakage, busbar missing, watermark, and color deviation.

Q4. What causes the low output or no output during the use of solar panels? How can I solve it?

A4: The output power of solar panels is mainly affected by light intensity, light angle, and shadow occlusion during the use of solar panels. Therefore, during daily use, the angle of illumination must be adjusted to prevent shadows, and the obstructions on the solar panel must be cleaned regularly, such as bird droppings, dust, and garbage. Such obstructions may cause the solar panel to not output at all.

Additional information

Weight 16.61 lbs
Dimensions 39.17 × 21.26 × 1.38 in
Item Weight

16.61 pounds

Product Dimensions

39.17 x 21.26 x 1.38 inches








12 Volts

Maximum Power

100 Watts

Batteries Required?




Date First Available

August 3 2021



8 reviews for BougeRV 9BB 100 Watts Mono Solar Panel (Monocrystalline)

  1. Beau

    Quality panelThis looks like another quality panel from BougeRV. This 200w panel is the same size as the old 180w panel. The frame looks solid and has plenty of mounting holes. The box on the back looks like it’s sealed up pretty good. The cables are 3 feet long they seem ok. We will have to see about longevity but they look good so far. Definitely one of the best value panels out there.

  2. Malisa

    Great panel and customer serviceThe panel is great for the price and the size. There are lots of other 100 solar panels but most of them are more expensive with less buss bars.Also customer support is very good. I had a small problem and they were helpful to resolve the issue. I can and will purchase from them again.I was not paid in any way to do this review. Just my honest experience with BougeRV.

  3. Woodbilly

    Good Cheap 100w Solar PanelPanels were well packaged and arrived in good shape. Look to be well made. To test I connected 3-100w panels In series and just leaned them against the house at about the right angle to the 2:30pm sun. It’s the 3rd week of January, about 30 degrees latitude and the panels are producing 280 watts. That’s an average of 93.3w out of 100w rated panel in the wintertime. I’m new to this solar stuff but that seems pretty good.

  4. Kindle Customer

    Seems to charge well even in lower light situationsWhere it is right now is in and out of shadows not getting full power, but winter sunlight with it just propped up against the wall of the house maybe a 75 degree angle? with tree branch shadows still getting over 100W when the sun shines. Even putting out power at 15 below zero conditions!

  5. Derrick

    BougeRV 200watt Solar Panel works greatI purchased this panel to go with my BougeRV 716 power station. The panel was packed well and arrived in short order with no damage. Within 5 minutes of me getting it out of the box it was delivering 152 watts with me just resting it on the wall. I am very happy with this panel ad will be looking to order 1 more. I would recommend this to a friend

  6. David P

    Pretty good I like the Performance that the panel produce. I bought 5 panels to charge my delta pro and extra battery. A total of 7200 wh. In the video the reached 919 which is great out of 1000 watts of panels( it has reached little higher than that before 935 to be exact but on a great sunny day and Perfect angle. Won’t get those numbers all the time 600 to mid 800sPros for me.Performance is greatEasy to useGood sizeCons for meExpensiveThat aluminum on the back is a bit flimsyOverall I would recommend these

  7. Jeffrey Peterman

    Panel good, packaging and QC poorMine arrived last week and the first thing I noticed was that the box was thin and beaten up. There really need to use thicker cardboard and/or an overbox. Plus, the box lacks a handle, so it is more likely to get dropped during transport. Second, when I took it out of the box, I found one corner a little dented at the joint, leaving a sharp edge, and a small dent in the side. Both of these dents were in well protected areas and so must have happened before packaging. They need to do a better job on the assembly line.Finally, I had the time to test it with my EcoFlow River Pro today: in less than ideal conditions (light clouds, non-perfect angle, on a Winter’s day) it put out 60-80 watts, which is pretty good. So, it functions well and I’m happy with that aspect. But I’ll have to take a file to remove the sharp edge.

  8. Lovemykittens

    Very impressive solar panelsI bought a set of these solar panels to go with my current 9 solar panels (5 ea 100 watt and 4 ea 150 watt folding panels). I was very impressed that these two 200 watt panels produced as much wattage as all my 9 solar panels combined. This was on cloudy days in the fall with the sun lower in the sky. I can’t wait to see how they produce in the summer time with high south facing sun. Would love to get two more of these panels so that I can fully run and keep my RV charged through my Bluette AC200P.

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