WIX Filters Spin-On Lube Filter (#51258)


Wix Spin-On Lube Filters protect the engine from premature wear by removing the abrasive contaminants in the engine lubricating system.

Suitable for fitting on a GMC Motorhome with Olds 455 engine.

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WIX Filters Spin-On Lube Filter are made of pleated paper which arrests various types of suspended materials.

Product Specifications

Part Number: 51258
UPC Number: 765809512580
Style: Spin-On Lube Filter
Service: Lube
Type: Full Flow
Media: Enhanced Cellulose
Height: 4.338 (110)*
Outer Diameter Top: 3.66 (93)*
Outer Diameter Bottom: Closed:
Thread Size: 13/16-16
By-Pass Valve Setting-PSI: None
Anti-Drain Back Valve: Yes
Beta Ratio: 2/20=6/20
Burst Pressure-PSI: 345
Max Flow Rate: 9-11 GPM
Nominal Micron Rating: 21

(  )* denotes metric

Gasket Diameters

Number O.D. I.D. Thk.
Attached 2.834 (72)* 2.462 (63)* 0.2 (5)*

Principle Application:

Principle Application: AMC (60-81), GM (67-80)

When to Change Your Oil and Filter

How to Change a WIX Oil Filter

Download the WIX 2021 Light Duty catalog here.

Download the WIX 2018 Medium and Heavy Duty Truck and Buses catalog here.

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