#RVLIFE/REPORT: Ever Drive Past an RV Dealer and Wonder Who is Buying Them? Turns Out, Lots of People

BY Owen Bellwood—The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on international travel has inspired an increasing number of Americans to explore their own backyard when picking a vacation spot. This rising number of people hitting the road for their vacations is now bolstering sales of RVs, which hit a record high last month. 

According to trade group The RV Industry Association (RVIA), the rising demand for the #VanLife and increased interest in a life on the road have boosted RV sales in recent months. 


As a result of this growing interest in homes on wheels, the trade group found that shipments of RVs reached a record high of 55,014 in September. 

Sales broke the previous record, which was set in March 2021 when the RVIA recorded shipments of 54,291. In fact, the top three months for RV sales were all in 2021.

“With research showing more and more people are camping than ever before, RV manufacturers and suppliers continue to meet the sustained demand for RVs from consumers looking to get outdoors and experience the many physical and mental benefits of living an active outdoor lifestyle”

RV Industry Association President & CEO Craig Kirby.

The latest sales figures showed that demand was split between both towable RVs and powered motorhomes last month. 

Sales of towable campers such as travel trailers and truck campers was up 33% to reach 50,696 in September. 

The motorhome segment represents a much smaller section of the market, but still grew 19% over the past month to reach sales of 4,318 units. 

As travelers look for new ways to transport everything including the kitchen sink, the RVIA noted that demand for van campers is rising the quickest. Sales across the segment were up 108% on the previous year and reached 1,245 during September 2021. 

The only RV category to decline in the period was mini motorhomes, which fell just 7% to 1,816.


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