#REHAB/RANCH: How to Tell if the Motor in Your GMC Motorhome is Bad? (pt. 1)

Jim Bounds discusses how to determine if the motor in your GMC Motorhome is bad

BY Jim Bounds—In this video, I discuss how to determine if your Olds 455 or 403 engine is bad. I explore issues with oil pressure, timing, and compression, among other things.

Jim Bounds at the Motorhome Rehab Ranch in Florida, USA.

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By the way, here’s a video that the folks at MyMotorhomeLife.com made in 2021. It features Stef and Jared Kohl talking about their experience of owning a GMC Motorhome. Earlier episodes explore some of the issues potential owners need to take into account when considering the purchase of a GMC Motorhome.

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Guest contributor, Jim Bounds, writes and publishes videos as well as technical articles about the GMC Motorhome; explores its history; and takes the reader through some of the more challenging restoration projects he and his team have worked on over the years.