#REHAB/RANCH: Get Rid of Your “Stinky Slinky” and Replace it with a Macerator

Stinky Slinky RV Sewer Hose (Valterra)

BY Jim Bounds—In this video, I take you through the basic setup of a macerator system on a GMC Motorhome—this system is good for most ANY RV!—and why you should consider switching to this clean and efficient means of dumping the contents of your black and gray tanks.

Here I am showing you how the system works and how we install it on a GMC Motorhome

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By the way, before I forget, here’s a video that the folks over at MKCREATIVE made over the summer. It features our beloved 🙂 GMCMI president, Dolph Santorine, showing us around his GMC Motorhome. Near the end of the video, he shows us HIS macerator system in action. Cool!

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Guest contributor, Jim Bounds, writes and publishes videos as well as technical articles about the GMC Motorhome; explores its history; and takes the reader through some of the more challenging restoration projects he and his team have worked on over the years.

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