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  • Leviton SmartlockPro Self-Test GFCI (1-pack)

    Peace of mind, all the time. The SmartlockPro Self-Test GFCI tests itself even if you forget. Designed to meet the latest UL standard for auto-monitoring (self-test) this complete line of self-test GFCIs periodically conduct an automatic internal test to confirm that it can respond to a ground fault. With the slimmest profile on the market, the device allows for fast and easy installation, while Leviton’s patented reset lockout mechanism prevents reset of the GFCI if it is not wired or operating correctly. Available in: multiple colors and in 15 Amp and 20 Amp
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  • NOCO 12-Volt Adapter Plug Socket With 2-Way Splitter

    The NOCO 12-volt 2-way adapter splitter allows you to use two of your 12-volt devices at the same time. Perfect for your favorite 12-volt items, like a tire inflator, cooler, vacuum, heated blanket, fan, power inverters, coffee maker and more.
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  • NOCO 12-Volt Adapter Plug Socket With Battery Clamps

    Instantly tap into a 12V battery’s power and create an easy-to-use 12V port. A quick and easy way with battery clamps to power your 12V devices while working under the hood, camping and more.
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Showing all 3 results