#SPONSORED/PRODUCT: The Most Powerful RV Cell Signal Booster on the Market

The Destination RV is the obvious choice for anyone that’s looking to ensure strong cell signal on any cellular-connected device, no matter where ‘home’ is that month“, according to Wilson Electronics’ CEO Bruce Lancaster.

Wilson Electronics, the industry leader in cellular signal booster technology, today announced the launch of the weBoost Destination RV, a powerful, consumer-friendly cell signal booster designed to provide solid cellular connectivity in stationary touring and destination RVs, toy haulers, and trailers. Compatible with all mobile devices and wireless carriers in North America, the booster allows users to enjoy optimal call quality, fewer dead zones, uninterrupted texts, and faster data streaming.

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Over the past year, the RV industry has seen huge growth. In an industry previously dominated by retirees, RVs are now being increasingly utilized by young families and couples as remote working and learning opportunities have increased. In fact, 82% of first-time campers in 2020 had children in their household. Interest in full-time RVing is highest among millennials, according to Kampgrounds of America’s annual North American Camping Report. These younger campers need consistent access to technology in order to meet remote work and learning responsibilities, but the WiFi offered by campgrounds is often too weak or spotty to be reliable for these needs.

The weBoost Destination RV provides the perfect solution. Whether to stay safe in emergencies, connect with friends and family, or continue to work and learn remotely from anywhere, weBoost’s new booster is a simple, reliable way to improve cellular connectivity in RVs, toy haulers, and trailers.

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The Destination RV combines the mobility of an RV cell signal booster kit with the power of a residential cell signal booster. Utilizing the weBoost Home MultiRoom’s powerful amplifier and external antenna to provide a max gain of 65 dB, the Destination RV can reach far away cell towers with ease. The weBoost Destination RV is also optimized for the continued rollout of 5G and prepared to boost cell signal for all major carriers for the next decade and beyond.

Out of the box, the Destination RV features everything needed for easy, do-it-yourself installation, including:

  • Cell signal booster
  • Inside antenna
  • Outside directional antenna
  • 25 ft. telescoping pole
  • Outside antenna mounting hardware
  • Power supply and cables

How it works: The powerful exterior antenna reaches out to cell phone towers to receive a signal. The Destination RV booster receives this outside signal and amplifies it using a series of sophisticated low noise amplifiers and filters. This amplified signal is broadcast through the inside antenna and back to the tower, providing stronger, more reliable calls, texting and data in the RV.

Installation takes about 30 minutes for most consumers, and each subsequent takedown and setup when changing the RV’s stationary location takes about 10 minutes.

The weBoost Destination RV is now available for purchase online at Amazon.com or through other authorized resellers for $649.99 USD or $899.99 CAD.

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Information about weBoost accessories and replacement parts is available here.

Certified by the FCC and Industry Canada and pre-approved by all carriers, Wilson Electronics is the only cellular booster company that designs, assembles and tests its products solely in the U.S., all weBoost cellular signal boosters feature a two-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The weBoost Destination RV signal booster improves cell coverage inside large trailers and campers. It includes an outside directional antenna, telescoping pole, inside panel antenna, and powerful booster to improve cell coverage when stationary. This booster will amplify any cell signal technology, including 5G.

(Source: Wilson Electronics Media Center. No copyright infringement intended.)

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