#FORSALE/TRAVCO: 1969 Dodge Travco Is a Streamlined Motorhome With V8 Power

By Ciprian Florea—Introduced in 1964 and offered well into the 1980s, the Travco motorhome is now one of the most iconic recreational vehicles of the old-school variety. But like most RVs out there, the Travco is not an easy find if you’re looking for a restored, fully functional hauler.

This one’s definitely a project, but it’s a runner. And if we are to believe the odometer, it’s been driven for 56,000 miles (90,123 km), which isn’t a lot for a motorhome that’s 53 years old as of 2022.

While it’s no match for modern campers, the Travco was a big deal when it debuted back in 1964. Mostly because it was one of the most aerodynamic motorhomes available at the time. And here’s an interesting fact: the Travco originally emerged as a 1961 model called the Dodge Frank Motor Home. Its designer, Ray Frank, is the guy who coined the term “motorhome” and went on to develop Xplorer Motorhomes.

Unlike the latter, which was a small, Class B RV built on a van chassis, the Travco was a Class A hauler. But they had one thing in common, as both were built on Dodge chassis. In fact, the Travco was marketed with the help of the Chrysler Corporation, which supplied the Dodge M-series chassis. The latter was also used by Winnebago, yet another famous motorhome builder from the era.

Back to the 1969 Travco in question, it needs a new home because the current owner does not have the time and finances to handle a rebuild. Purchased in 2021, it’s now waiting for a second chance in a covered storage facility. But even though it needs TLC to shine again, the motorhome appears to be in solid condition, with no rust issues or noticeable dents in the body.

The paint seems to be in great shape as well, which suggests that this campermay have been repainted at some point. Either way, it’s finished in a fetching light blue livery with a white roof and matching stripe in the center.

The interior has seen better days, but it looks usable and should come back to life with a mild restoration. And it still includes everything you need for a long vacation off the grid, such as a refrigerator, stove, sink, and a bed that provides room for two people. It also comes with a relatively new RV deep-cycle battery and an old-school generator that needs attention.

So does the V8 engine, which appears to be the motorhome’s original Dode 318-cubic-inch (5.2-liter) gas mill. But unlike the generator, the V8 still runs. And overall, the whole thing looks like a fun project to work on. Assuming you have the time and the finances, of course.

If this Dodge Travco is a motorhome you could see yourself spending time in, it’s available via Facebook Marketplace as we speak. The seller wants $8,000 for it, but he’s also accepting offers. The RV is located in Eagle Point, Oregon.

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