#ELECTRIC/RVNEWS: Manufacturer Unveils Electric RV Chassis Plans

By RVNews: Specialty vehicle manufacturer The Shyft Group unveiled plans to launch an all-electric chassis platform made to serve RVs and other markets.

The company’s mobility research and development team, Shyft Innovations, will introduce a purpose-built, flat modular electric vehicle (EV) to all specialty vehicle body builders. The EV-powered chassis will feature customizable length and wheelbase, making it suited for many vehicles.

Product prototypes are expected to make their way into route testing with customers in early 2022, with production slated to begin in the middle of 2023.

“We have listened closely to our customers and to the industry at large to design this EV chassis to address an unmet need in the specialty vehicles market,” Shyft Group President and CEO Daryl Adams said. “We gained valuable insight from our long-term customer relationships to develop an EV chassis that will help all customers meet green mandates head-on. With a rich history in chassis engineering, body builders trust our deep domain expertise and our ability to deliver a reliable purpose-built EV platform that will deliver inherent efficiencies that positively impact the bottom line for fleet customers and owner operators alike.”

The Shyft Group has manufacturing facilities spanning 10 states from Maine to California, in addition to its Mexico-based facility.

“We have a well-established track record as a manufacturer of choice for purpose-built fleets,” Adams said. “With nearly a decade of EV proficiency and over 15 years of alternative propulsion category experience, we are a natural choice for other body builders seeking a reliable commercial grade EV chassis.”