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#PRODUCT/REVIEW: Monitoring for 12v & 24v RV Battery Banks

The Philippi Battery Monitor BLS is a compact battery monitor for battery systems consisting of a 12/24 V starter battery and one or more 12/24 V house batteries connected in parallel. The 2.4″ TFT touch screen displays the current charging state of the entire battery system at a glance. The built-in brightness sensor automatically dims the screen at night, saving valuable energy.

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#ELECTRIC/CAMPER: The First Electric Camper Van Is around the Corner

LEVC’s take on a European-style camper van, once represented here by the Volkswagen Westfalia and its descendants, is the VN5 e-Camper. The London Electric Vehicle Company revealed renderings of what such a model could look like after partnering with camping vehicle specialist Wellhouse Leisure, and it’s headed into production at the end of 2021.

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#SERIES/INFO: RV Fire Suppression and Why it Could Save Your Life

Get the most effective fire suppression chemical for your vehicle application. It’s required by NASCAR and demanded by anyone serious about protecting their coach from fire damage. It takes an instant for a coach or camper to ignite beyond help, and it will burn to the ground so quickly it will scare you—it should. Fire on the road is a very serious thing!

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